Hay Equipment

Hay machinery

Windrower (HAYAG3.5RAKE)

•    Protective guard rail
•    H.D P.T.O  with over run facility
•    The forage forms perfect windrows that are well aired, thereby facilitating good efficient baler collection
•    Pneumatic double bogey wheel system for more positive working
•    All the windrowers have manual working height adjustment device to guarantee constant side-delivery quality
•    Parking stand


•    The most complete universal  Haymaker
•    Excellent job in spreading, tedding or windrowing
•    High rate performance, very simple operation and sturdy construction
•    Haymaker fitted with wide tyres
•    For better performance on rough terrain
•    Tines are positioned by centrifugal force and float to collect the whole crop
•    At high working speeds you will get a soft and loose swath and precise windrow separation
•    Adjustable deflectors allow for the correct working conditions

Drum Mower (TOPD)

Drum Mower
•    Drum mower has a standard working width – 1.65m
•    Designed for small and medium-sized farms
•    Over-run drive-line
•    Can operate with minimum 35 HP
•    The drums are equipped with three cutting knives each, for a thorough and even cut
•    High quality powder coat paint work to 120 micon
•    Protective apron ensuring guarantee safe working operation of the machine
•    Easily converted from transport to working position