Land Rollers

Fleming’s are the largest manufacturer of water ballast landrollers in the UK and Ireland. All rollers can be filled with water for extra ballast. All drums are air test to ensure no leaks. Rollers are fitted with specially sourced hardwood bearings for reduced friction, better shock absorption and longer life.

Compact Tractor Roller

Compact tractor roller
•    Compact tractor rollers have a 590mm (2ft) diameter drum with 6mm wall thickness. Ideal for hobby farming, parkland, sports, pitches, horse manages, horticultural use etc.
•    2m and 2.5m rollers available with pick up eye and 3 point linkage for easy transport when empty
•    1.25m (4ft) and 1.5m (5ft) have optional ball hitch draw bar
•    590mm diameter roller have hardwood bearings with 50mm steel shaft

Hydraulic Lifting Rollers

Hydraulic lifting rollers
•    Can be filled with water for extra weight and can be transported fully laden
•    Heavy duty frame and unique Fleming hinged draw-bar & spring steel centre shaft
•    Only seconds to change over to transport position
•    Scraper blade standard
•    Performance 12-14 acres per hour
•    80-90 horse power required
•    10/75 by 15.3 wheels

Trailed & Three Point Linkage Landrollers

Trailed and three point linkage landroller
•    Strong structural box section frame with over channel support
•    3PL available on all 8ft models only for unladen transport
•    Scraper blade optional
•    Pick up eye and shoe rest as standard on all models

Tandem Lead Roller

Tandem lead roller
•    Up to 31 acres per hour
•    Tandem lead roller can be used with existing on farm roller
•    Lead roller can be set for use with either 2.5m or 3m following roller
•    Lead roller drawing arm can be folded for drawing rollers in-line for easy field access
•    Easy change from transport to working position. (no heavy lifting)

End-tow Roller

•    Reinforced Lowered pick up eye for good ground clearance
•    Strong robust construction
•    Reinforced grease hinge points with H.D pivot pins
•    6 Stud 11.5 x 15.5 tyres
•    75mm spring steel shaft with centre support with greased nylon bearings and easy maintenance access
•    Available in 12x36x12
•    Easy change over from working to transport position (no heavy  lifting)
•    Twin rams
•    Performance 17-19 Acres per hour