Endurance mix and supplements

Ration 234 Endurance Horse Mix

Protein 14.50% Oil 10.10% Fibre 10.50% Ash 9.40% Vitamin A 2,500ius/kg Vitamin D3 1,200ius/kg Vitamin E 400ius/kg
Digestible Energy (Horse) 13.4mj/kg (as fed)

This ration contains all of the basic elements known to be necessary for this kind of work:-

√ Oil High Oil to promote efficient energy use during training and competition

√ Fibre Highly digestible fibre (Sugar beet, Alfalfa, Soya husk) for slow release energy

√ Starch Controlled levels of digestible starch to help maintain muscle and liver glycogen

√ Alfalfa Provides digestible fibre and bio-available calcium

√ Vitamin E Natural Vitamin E source – for improved bio-availability

√ Yeast To help maintain hindgut function

√ Linseed Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids to promote skin condition & support immune function



Coarse Mix, sprayed with Molasses and Pure Soya Oil.

Protein 14.50% Oil 10.10% Fibre 10.50%
Ash 9.40% Lysine 0.70% Cystine 0.22%
Methionine 0.23% Calcium 1.20% Phosphorous 0.60%
Salt 2.20% Linoleic Acid 3.50% Threonine 0.35%
Digestible Energy (Horses) 13.4 mj/kg (as fed)

Alfalfa; Naked Oats; Unmolassed Beet Shreds; Micronized Whole Linseed Meal; Molashine; Micronized Full Fat Soya Flakes; Micronized Maize Flakes; SoyaHulls; Wheat; Micronized Flaked Peas; Refined Soya Oil Soya Meal; Salt; Selected Yeast Cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. Ellipsoideus); Dicalcium Phosphate; Limestone Flour; Dried Carrotts; Sulphite Lie; Hi Spec Vitamin/Mineral Supplement; Herbal Flavour; Preservative; Vitamin E Natural; Permitted antioxidant.

Vitamin A 12,500ius/kg; Vitamin D3 1200ius/kg; Vitamin E 400ius/kg; Vitamin B1 15mg/kg; Vitamin B2 15mg/kg; Vitamin B6 7mg/kg; Vitamin B12 90mcg/kg; Nicotinic Acid 35mg/kg; Pantothenic Acid 12mg/kg; Folic Acid 17.0mg/kg; Choline Chloride 125mg/kg; Iron 105mg/kg; Copper 36mg/kg; Biotin 680mcg/kg; Manganese 75mg/kg; Zinc 115mg/kg; Iodine 0.5mg/kg; Cobalt 1mg/kg; Selenium 0.4mg/kg; Antioxidant 100mg/kg.

Oil: High oil to promote efficient energy use during
training and competition
Fibre: Highly digestible fibre for slow release energy
Starch: Controlled levels of digestible starch to help maintain
muscle and liver glycogen
Alfalfa: Provides digestible fibre and bioavailable calcium
VitaminE: Natural Vitamin E source – for improved
Yeast: To help maintain hindgut function
Omega 3: Omega 3 Fatty Acids – to promote skin and coat
condition, and support immune function

For all horses and ponies in light to hard work taking part in endurance riding. Feeding suggestions are a guide only and total feed intake should be adjusted as necessary to ensure optimum body condition. This ration should be fed in conjunction with forage (hay, haylage or grazing), and ad libitum water should be available at all times.

Moderate Work Hard Work
PONY 250kg 2.0kgs 3.0kgs
HORSE 450kg 3.5kgs 4.5kgs
LARGE HORSE 600kg 4.0kgs 5.5kgs

For lightly worked horses or ponies, Endurance Mix can be fed at a lower level, in conjunction with Charnwood Kick-On® Pellets

Endurance Plus Supplement

An "add on" low inclusion supplement designed to be fed by those who want to keep competition horses in peak condition. When fed in conjunction with Charnwood Endurance Horse Mix, this will help turn good horses into winning horses.

Combining well balanced levels of Biotin, Glucosamine, and Vitamin C, all important nutrients for Endurance Horses in work, this supplement provides the necessary "Plus"

Biotin Helps maintain Hoof horn condition and quality.

Glucosamine Helps maintain joint function and metabolism.

Bio-available Vitamin C As an aqueous antioxidant, important for lung function, and to offset the increased free radical formation during aerobic exercise.

Endurance Plus comes in a 1.5kg pail, complete with measure and will provide sufficient cover for around 30 days